5 Factors in Building a Personalized Health Plan

By Bruce Spector, a member of YPO since 1994

Planning is the key to achieving all of life’s significant goals, from choosing a college to preparing for retirement. Building a personalized strategy for you and your family to achieve and maintain optimum health is no different. The following five tips are the first steps toward developing a tailored health plan:

  1. Consider the influencers. What are some of the lifestyle or risk factors in your and your family’s life that can influence your health? For example, does your job require physical exertion or comes with a high level of stress? Do you have frequent business travel? Are your children away at college where it may be difficult to find a doctor? Do you have athletes in the family who might encounter injuries or benefit from a trainer? Are the any chronic health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, asthma or diabetes?
  2. Establish health goals and recognize the challenges. Take steps to lower your risk of illnesses that run in your family and seek medical guidance to better manage that risk. Are you satisfied that your current doctor is helping you reach your health goals and manage health problems? If not, what would you like to be done differently?
  3. Address the big issues. Determine the major health considerations such as managing the care of an ill spouse, partner or child; assisting aging parents with medical issues or medications; and creating an advanced care plan or medical directive so your preferences regarding your health care are known and respected.
  4. Address any insurance aspects. Do you need to limit your choices to doctors and facilities within your insurance network or would you consider going out-of-network if a more suitable option exists? Are you willing to travel outside of your local area to receive care for a serious health condition? Are you willing to pay out-of-pocket for better health care options?
  5. Set your budget. Consider how much you are willing to spend on out-of-pocket medical expenses, health savings account options, and associated prescription costs. Research any supplemental insurance products that can help fund expenses when faced with a serious illness or injury.

Bruce Spector is the Chairman and Co-founder of PinnacleCare, a YPO medical referral partner since 2006. 

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