YPO’s Next, Next Generation

YPO Children Deliver a Fast and Furious YPO Experience

Take nine YPO children, from ages 12-18, a few months of planning and a driving desire to provide invaluable content for a chapter family event — and what do you get? An incredible afternoon at the Indianapolis Speedway Indoor Karting.

For YPO Indiana’s 2017 family event, YPO children were in the drivers’ seat, as the Y Committee of nine YPO kids took charge and handled all elements of the event, including food, logistics, invitations and special guests. Nearly 200 YPO Indiana members, spouses/partners and children were in attendance to enjoy the afternoon of go-karting, games and fun.

“We created the Y Committee with the purpose of giving YPO children a chance to learn and develop their leadership and organizational skills by planning an event,” says Shane Hageman, Family Officer for YPO Indiana.  “Through this event, the committee was able to network with other young people in the chapter and be more intimately involved in YPO at a young age, which can lead to them wanting to aspire to be in YPO later in life.”

“This committee really stood out and delivered an exceptional experience for all involved,” he adds.

The committee secured resources Indy Race Car driver Ed Carpenter and Fuzzy Zoeller, professional golfer with 10 PGA Tour wins, to share their experiences and insights. Jack Leman, son of YPO Indiana member Tim Leman, handled all things related to the special guests, corresponding with them, arranging their appearance and interviewing them onsite.

“It was so amazing to interview Ed and Fuzzy, especially to have the chance to talk to the idols of little kids as well as learn about their goals, ambitions and how they got where they are,” says Jack.

The afternoon capped off with rewards for the go-kart champions: The Junior Oval course saw outstanding performances by Sam Sherman, son of YPO Indiana member Gary Sherman (first place), Mick Webster, son of YPO Indiana memer Mike Webster (second place) and Spencer Reid, son of YPO Indiana member Christopher Reid (third place).

The road course fast laps were awarded to Ice Miller’s Michael Millikan (first place), YPO member Quinn Ricker (second place) and YPO member Jake Fetters (third place).

Looking ahead, the chapter plans to make this an annual event, with the current family officer working with the assistant learning officer to incorporate a family event into the upcoming learning year.

“It was one of our most successful events this year and overall it was a fantastic event – all while coming in significantly under budget!” says Shane.  “I already have six kids volunteering to lead the charge for next year.”

As for this next, next generation’s desire to continue the YPO tradition, Jack added, “I see my dad go to YPO events and have the opportunity to do some crazy stuff, and I really hope when I am older, I have the opportunity to be a YPO member.”

Angela Mers is the global PR and Media Manager at YPO and has worked for the organization since 2007. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in journalism and political science.