YPO Announces EY as a Strategic Learning Advisor

YPO members now can adapt the resources, capabilities and influence of EY as a Strategic Learning Advisor. EY works with a range of businesses, from those receiving their first venture funding through to large mid-cap companies, whose value can be measured in billions of dollars.

YPO has aligned with EY to leverage both organizations’ global reach and scale to convene conversations about the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders, innovators and creators around the world. YPO’s Strategy of Lifelong Leadership and Learning aligns with EY’s purpose to ask better questions, leading to better answers and ultimately contribute to a Better Working World.

“YPO has an unrivaled access to some of the world’s leading executives and entrepreneurs,” says EY’s Global Growth Markets Leader. “At EY, we understand the power of ecosystems and their importance to entrepreneurs to support their journey as innovators and risk takers. We look forward to this strategic relationship as it will strengthen all of our roles in helping businesses seize the upside of disruption and to accelerate their growth.”

The benefit for YPO members globally? Content sharing, event collaboration and the development of a pathway for YPO members to qualify for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award program.

“YPO and EY share a common belief that those organizations which maximize the power of idea exchange, unique perspectives and cultural references, are best positioned for success,” says YPO CEO Scott Mordell. “As global markets shift and industries revolutionize ahead of megatrends such as AI and blockchain, we are committed to fostering growth and working with more of tomorrow’s global leaders, today.”

YPO members can engage by visiting the Strategic Alliances landing page on YPO’s Exchange and click through to the EY strategic growth markets website, which features the EY Growth Barometer, the latest Global IPO Trends report, the 2017 Family Business Yearbook, information about the EY 7 Drivers of Growth framework and the opportunity to connect directly with global EY Growth Market Leaders  by region.

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