11 Genuine Ways to Appreciate Your Team

What is the best way to show employees appreciation?

For leaders, expressing genuine gratitude helps set the overall tone and culture of the company, reduces turnover, boosts team morale, and increases productivity. It also is good for your health, as research shows that gratitude promotes feelings of being socially connected, develops emotional intelligence, increases self-esteem, improves your sleep and increases your energy levels.

As part of our “10 Minutes from the Top” podcast hosted by Kevin Daum, YPO members reveal easy, meaningful ways they show their team appreciation all year round. Here’s what they said:

1. Hug It Out
Talk to people and tell them how much you appreciate them. I like to give people hugs. Sometimes it makes people uncomfortable, but it’s just my style. — Rachel Mielke, Founder and CEO of Hillberg & Berk

2. Say It Aloud
Catch them doing something right and recognize them in public or in front of everybody. — Andrés Farías, Founder and CEO of Evek & Asociados and Evolución Marketing

3. Be Authentic
Be honest and recognize good work. Communicate as much as you can. — Francis Lobo, Chief Revenue Officer of WeWork

4. Take Time Out of Your Day
Give a person time, know their name and stop to talk to them. — Dalya Tabari, Director of IDS and Co-founder of The Developing Child Centre

5. Get to Know Them Personally
Speak candidly with them. Ask how they are, how their families are and understand what makes them tick. — Paul Tao, Managing Director of New Heritage Investment Limited

6. Pay Attention to the Little Things
Genuine acknowledgement on a regular basis of even the little things that they do well or work hard on. — Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of Michelson Found Animals Foundation

7. Always Have Their Back
Show that you’re always behind them and ensure them that, whatever happens, you’re going to carry the weight and support them. — Scott Chiu, Chairman of the Board of HCG Co.

8. Bring Out Their Best
Give them a tough challenge, make sure they achieve it and then give them the space for appreciation. — Lorenzo Tencati, Executive Director of Bryanston Resources

9. Make It Personal
After a meeting, I like to take that person or the team aside and just really share my appreciation for a job well done. — Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Phonak Hearing Systems

10. Write a Note
Regularly send a random note to different employees acknowledging their great work and recognizing them. — Rosa Scarcelli, CEO of Stanford Management

11. Enjoy Activities Outside the Office
Go for lunches or dinners and spend time listening to them. — Charles Edouard Barthes, Chairman and CEO of EviDenS de Beauté

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