Year in Review: Inspire Your Innovation Engine

Embracing innovation and discovering new ways to maintain an innovative environment is critical for a business to succeed, whether it’s a startup or a decades-old organization. Here are our top five stories from 2017 to inspire an innovative spirit in you and your business.

1. The 8 Essentials of Innovation
“What does it take to innovate repeatedly and at scale? It starts with the ‘will’ but must be matched with the ‘skill’ to make it happen,” says Erik Roth, global leader of McKinsey & Company’s innovation practice. Read it

2. 7 Ideas for Cultivating a Culture of Innovation
“Innovation can come from the most unlikely places. It’s not necessarily your executive vice president of strategy that comes up with the idea. It can often be people that are performing the day-to-day tactical execution. That’s why it’s so important that to have a culture that encourages putting forward innovations,” says YPO member Greg Besner, Founder and CEO of CultureIQ.  Read it

3. The Third Way to Innovate
More companies are moving beyond incremental innovation toward radical innovation because business leaders are led to believe that disruption is the only way to innovate. But  there is another way: developing a portfolio of complementary innovations around a core product. Wharton Professor David Robertson, author of “The Power of Little Ideas,” shares insight. Read it

4. 6 Innovation Insights Your Company Can Embrace
“Innovation is being disruptive, and doing things differently to help your customer and business. Innovation is key to the DNA of any business because the markets continually change and your customers and competitors can be two steps ahead of you,” says CEO of Nitrous Effect and Chair of YPO Innovation Week Keith Alper. Read it

5. Power Up the Innovation Process
“Innovation is a critical pillar of the long-term growth of our economy. Long-term prosperity is something that we cannot under-invest in.” Chairman of Globalive and YPO member Anthony Lacavera. Read it

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