Year in Review: Top 5 Stories for the Chief Parenting Officer

For leaders, in addition to running a successful business, there also often is the equally important challenge of being the best parent possible. From connecting with a teen to passing on important life skills, here are our top five stories of 2017 to inspire you in your leadership role of being a parent.

Teaching Children Social Responsibility
YPO member Tiffany Kuehner, Board Chair and former CEO of Hope for Haiti, discusses how social responsibility starts at home and how it prepares your children to be global citizens. Read it

8 Ways to be a Plugged-in Parent
Connecting with teens is an ongoing challenge for most parents who are not equipped to navigate the 24/7 social network. Parents can arm themselves with eight secret weapons to stay plugged in to their teens. Read it

Raising Financially Literate Children
Teaching children about money can be challenging. Clint Greenleaf, YPO member and CEO of HomePlate Peanut Butter, shares his simple approach based on one unifying theme: give, save and spend. Read it

Caring for Kids in the Digital World
Internet safety and cyberbullying expert Susan McLean discusses how parents can educate their children on some of the risks they will encounter online and how to avoid them. Read it

Talking to Children About Bias
Bias is everywhere — and it’s time to move beyond it. Psychologist Kelly Donohoe shares techniques to get the most out of a conversation about bias with your children. Read it

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