The Strength of YPO’s Networks — Deal Talk in Dubai

Deal Talks are run under the auspices of the YPO Deal Network and are one of the most powerful and effective offerings in the YPO suite of events, convening members from diverse chapters to discuss and problem solve. These small, intimate events are expertly moderated and offer full confidentiality. Attendees are also afforded the opportunity to connect and do business with their peers. Subhi Khudairi, President of the Khudairi Group, has been a YPO member for two years and recently hosted a Deal Talk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Khudairi discusses the benefits of networks in YPO and Deal Talks in particular with YPO.org.

How has your YPO membership benefited you personally and in business?

I have been able to obtain a great deal of perspective from not only the learning and networking opportunities within my YPO chapter, but forum in particular. My business has benefited from the advice and mentorship I have gained from my forum group.

On a personal level, being part of YPO and forum has helped to calm my nerves in that I know that my pain points, pressures and challenges are not uncommon to even the most successful individuals. This has given me greater confidence to move ahead in both family and business arenas, despite the challenges that I would have been fearful of without the perspective gained through my YPO experience. YPO and forum provide access to learning, networking and amazing events that enrich my life on an ongoing basis.

Are the networks a valuable aspect of YPO and to which networks do you belong?

Certainly! Networks are a very valuable aspect of YPO. I’m a member seven networks, namely the Automotive, Deal, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Family Business, Golf, Hospitality, and Water Sports networks.

Each network provides me value in a different manner. Additionally, it’s a matter of one’s circumstances that defines which networks are more useful or relevant than others. My case is no different, some networks are more useful/relevant for me than others, but all of them remain a source of learning, networking and the opportunity to attend events that are suitable for my profile.

For example, the Family Business Network has many posts by fellow members who ask many questions regarding family governance, private boards and other related matters. As a partner in a family business, these posts are extremely useful for me as they help me to understand the pain points of fellow family businesses throughout the world.

What prompted you to host a Deal Talk meeting?

I am grateful for those member volunteers who serve YPO chapters, events and networks, and I therefore was happy to give back by hosting Deal Talks, and other chapter and regional events where I can.

As to why Deal Talk in particular, I initially attended a Deal Talk Series in Dubai in 2016 while the YPO EDGE was taking place in Dubai. It was well attended and well moderated. I enjoyed meeting members from other chapters and found it fascinating to hear about the various business opportunities out there. Since that time, I have attended two additional Deal Talks in Dubai, and the latter one, I was able to host and co-moderate. Again, the opportunity to meet fellow members from other chapters and learn about their stories in a forum-rules setting is very powerful and inspiring.

Additionally, I am looking for a potential investor in one of my businesses so I have a credible “need” that I was able to share with the attendees at Deal Talk. Since then, I have been able to obtain some great leads thanks to the ongoing contributions of the attendees.

Was it a success and why?

In my opinion, it was successful and offered solid diversity with 16 members from across the MENA Region as well as members from Africa, Asia, the U.S. and Europe attending. It was held at a luxurious and inspiring venue (thanks to fellow YPO member Rami Malhas, who hosted us at Volante, an exclusive residential tower). The event was well moderated by Deal Network Chair Chris Rose, and ended in good time, allowing attendees to further meet and greet over a beautifully set lunch in the pool deck area of the building.

Each member, whether they obtained a resolution to their needs or not, was at a minimum able to spend a few hours getting to know very interesting fellow YPOers from around the world in a forum-style setting. This is something that can be difficult to do if you don’t attend events that open the networking doors beyond your local chapter.

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