Doing Deals via YPO’s Networks

YPO’s vast offering of networks are one of the most effective ways for YPOers to meet and interact with like-minded members and spouses/partners from around the world. Whether it is for business, personal, sport, food, cultural or family purposes, there is a network for everyone.

Shamsh Hadi, CEO of the Hadi Group of Companies, has been a YPO MENA member for two years, and shares with us how he has benefited so far.

How has membership benefited you personally and in business?

From a business perspective I have found that forum and the New Business Network have been very advantageous in terms of idea exchange, mentorship and making new contacts. On a personal level, again forum is very powerful as is the M2Mx service. And, of course, YPO’s wide range of events offered at chapter, regiPO families.

The international educationals as well as the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) and EDGE in particular have added a lot of value for me.

Are the networks a valuable aspect of YPO, and to which networks do you belong?

Yes, very much so. I belong to the Deal, Family Business, Hospitality, Parenting, Personal Investing, and Wine networks. A great example of how a network has worked for me is that the Deal Network created a new investment opportunity for me in the U.S. I now invest with a fellow YPOer who has also become a mentor to me.

Would you recommend to your peers that they join networks, and how should they go about selecting which ones?

Yes. Every member should be part of at least three networks. They should identify areas of strengths, interests and where they feel they need help. Ideally, I recommend that they join one network in each of those areas.

Do you believe that belonging to a YPO network exposes you to other YPO chapters across the world, and is this beneficial, and why?

Yes, part of YPO’s appeal is that it is a truly global organization that offers you many ways to connect across all regions. This deepens one’s experience through sharing ideas, learning different perspectives, and building excellent business contacts and personal connections.

What in your view are the two most pressing global challenges?

I think that it all boils down to trust, which is one of the many highlights of belonging to YPO. It is a community that is grounded in confidentiality, respect and trust. Externally, there are so many challenges on this level, both in the personal arena as well as in the digital space. Examples include cybersecurity and the safe guarding of information of data – which is a top global risk according to the World Economic Forum, and then of course security of oneself and loved ones.

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