2018 YPO GLC Opens in Singapore

YPO members and spouses/partners are on a “Journey to Authentic Leadership” as the 2018 YPO Global Leadership Conference (GLC) kicked off on Monday, 5 March, in Singapore.

The annual gathering of YPO officers from around the globe is an opportunity for unparalleled peer-to-peer learning through interactive workshops and networking opportunities.

Shai Misan, GLC Officer Education Chair, shared with the gathering the importance of authenticity and why it is part of the YPO leadership journey. “What does it mean to be authentic? Authenticity means being true to ourselves. It means being the best version of ourselves, being aware and present. This mindset makes us emotionally and intellectually more interesting to others.”

Part of the experience of YPO leadership is the learnings that come from peer-to-peer connections. 2017-2018 YPO Chairman Randy Waterfield shared how his year of leading the organization provided him countless opportunities to learn from the many YPO members he interacted with on his global travels. “I’ve been amazed at the impact our members have on the world and what I’ve learned from them,” says Waterfield. “Listen for member stories— they’re fascinating. I think that YPO is in a unique position to really unleash the power of business leaders to affect positive change in the world.

Singapore, a city that is renowned for innovation, for its business leadership and its global uniqueness, is the perfect host city for the YPO Global Leadership Conference. “This island had no natural resources when it gained independence, zero,” explains Terry O’Connor, Host City Chair. “It had to build itself up from scratch and it created a thriving economy based solely on its people and their skills and work ethic. Built on brainpower.”

In addition to workshops, the program includes member-led conversations, which will provide open discussions on subjects including creating a great workplace, influential leadership, measure what matters and the power of mentoring. On Wednesday, YPO LAB (Leaders Across Borders) returns highlighting members and spouses/partners who will share their inspiring, personal stories of overcoming extraordinary challenges.

For more than 30 years, Heather has been creating innovative content for a myriad of communities including business leaders, nonprofit, energy, health care, education and aviation. She has been with YPO since 2014, currently serving as Communications Director leading the member communications team.