It’s a Wrap! 2018 YPO EDGE Concludes in Singapore

In his learning session at the 2018 YPO EDGE, Philip Yeo, Chairman of SPRING Singapore, stated, “You are only as good as your network.” Truly fitting words for this gathering of the world’s leading global chief executives who connect through Only-in-YPO peer-to-peer relationships. During the second day of the YPO EDGE, renowned speakers discussed a myriad of topics including blockchain, balancing fame and reality, harnessing your power, leadership success and survival skills for business.

In a session on using stem cells to conquer devastating health conditions and age fragility, Joshua Hare, M.D., Director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute and Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami, focused on how health is one of the most important things to all people. “Being healthy also translates into a great human passion to live longer,” said Hare. “Medical science is using stem cells to address both health span and longevity.

Why do people die? According to Hare, for most part, people are prone to diseases that often lead to death. “For example, in the United States there are 10 general categories of conditions that are responsible for 75 percent of all deaths. The top three are responsible for 50 percent of all deaths – heart disease, cancer and lung disease. What was fascinating to me when I reviewed this list recently, was I recognized that everything on this list is amenable to stem cell therapy. What we feel is that stem cell therapy is the next, new big thing in medicine; it is the thing that will make the biggest difference in the next 50-100 years in addressing these kind-of issues.”

YPO member Mark McDonald, Co-Founder of Appster, is a long-time entrepreneur at the age of 26, having started his first business at age 13. In a panel discussion on creative disruption, he discussed how hearing the voice of the customer must be radiated through a business. “At Appster, we take our NPS — net prompter score — very, very seriously. On a weekly basis, we ask clients if they are satisfied, would they recommend us to others, what frustrations are they having. And this feedback doesn’t just get to one or two people, it goes to everyone in our business. And I find we learn the most from our customers who are having challenges.”

Legendary tennis player and human rights activist Billie Jean King ended the 2018 YPO EDGE sharing her inspirational thoughts about making a difference. “Ask yourself if you’re making the world a better place,” King reminded the audience. “Every person is an influencer, everyone in your company is. Never forget that.”

And to make a change, to see what others bring to the table, listening is key. “Everyone has a great story to tell. If you’re bored with someone, you haven’t asked the right questions.”

Insights From the EDGE

New to the 2018 YPO EDGE is “Insights From the EDGE,” a daily video recap of highlights and learnings from the day featuring 2018 YPO EDGE Chair N.K. Tong and 2016-2017 YPO Chairman McKeel Hagerty. Take a look at the video to find out more about day two of the 2018 YPO EDGE.

YPO members can register now for the 2019 YPO EDGE, 6-7 March 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa!

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