Learning Opportunities Abound at YPO GLC

It was a day jammed-packed with peer-to-peer learning during the second day of the YPO Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Singapore.

Specifically-designed workshops to prepare YPO members and spouses/partners for their upcoming leadership roles are the cornerstone of the annual GLC. The workshops offer new connections, actionable tips and leadership tools on all aspect of YPO leadership.

The GLC experience is enhanced by an afternoon of member-led conversations (MLC). Covering an array of topics from building a high-performance board to understanding the millennial mindset, a member convener facilitates the exchange of ideas and connections among members who share the same passions.

Clint Greenleaf, CEO of HomePlate Peanut Butter, brought his passion for raising financially fit children to Singapore using a three-step plan of being aware, have a plan and adapt the plan. “The first step is realizing that our children are picking up lessons on money all the time – where we are deliberate about it or not,” Greenleaf explains.  “Next, in creating a plan, you need to develop it with your spouse for each of your children, as each child is different and what motivates one may be different from another. Finally, be ready to adapt the plan as we all have great plans and ideas until life gets in the way

Is ‘good’ good enough when you’re growing your business? No, says Mark Moses, CEO at CEO Coaching International, in his MLC. “In business, ‘good’ is a four-letter word,” Moses says. “There’s nothing wrong with being good … but there’s nothing great about it either.” He also emphasized the importance of talent strategy in going beyond good. “To outperform the competition, you must have the courage to put the absolute best people on your team. Although, this sounds easy, many leaders still settle for B players when they could have A players.”

Building high-performance boards was an intriguing session with much interaction, led by Bob Arciniaga and Jaime Grego-Mayor, both of Advisory Board Architects. “There are many commonalities in terms of issues that companies face when running or building a board and then getting them to have high impact,” Grego-Mayor explains.

“Companies know they should evaluate their boards but don’t,” adds Arciniaga. “Conceptually every company agrees that they should evaluate their board but actually getting it right tactically is where it falls apart.”

In the MLC focusing on how gender diversity impacts profitability, Nirit Harel, Chair at Intergam Communications, explained that diversity helps with the war on talent, strengthens customer orientation, increases employee satisfaction, improves decision making and enhances a company’s image. She also emphasized that diversity will not be reached by women only focusing on the issue. “Gender diversity conversations must happen between men and women, not just among women, for change to take place.”

Another challenge faced by many YPO members is the decision on whether or not to let go of a family business, a topic tackled by Terry Plochman, a long-time YPO certified forum facilitator. “Making as good as possible a decision about holding on or letting go of the family business requires teasing out and addressing the layers of emotion connected to the decision,” Plochman says. “It’s especially important to understand the mourning process. What do we need to give up and mourn whether letting go or recommitting? The process of letting go is aided by developing a vivid and compelling vision of the future. Plan ‘what’s next,’ and work to create fullness in your next chapter. Don’t expect money to fill an emotional black hole.”

Chris Larkins, a coach with CEO Coaching International, and Courtney Dorne, president at Vertical Brands, tackled the topic of dealing with adversity. “Leading through adversity requires that you identify and focus on the top things that are under your control, and which will have the biggest impact on a successful outcome,” Larkins says.

For more than 30 years, Heather has been creating innovative content for a myriad of communities including business leaders, nonprofit, energy, health care, education and aviation. She has been with YPO since 2014, currently serving as Communications Director leading the member communications team.