YPO Announces Signature Events for 2018 YPO Innovation Week

Third-annual global event will inspire business leaders to embrace innovation and disrupt industry practices

DALLAS, 21 March 2018 – For the third consecutive year, YPO will host Innovation Week, a series of more than 50 events around the world designed to bring together the most dynamic innovators for a chance to network, overturn conventional thinking and come away inspired with actionable, applicable insight.

YPO, the world’s premier leadership organization of chief executives, will host signature innovation events all across the globe from Sydney, Australia to London, England; Tel Aviv, Israel to New York, New York, USA; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Palo Alto, California, USA and Nairobi, Kenya, and more, the week of 7-11 May 2018.

The mission of YPO Innovation Week is to drive innovation and transformation across a diverse range of industries and sectors through signature events, live interactive video casts and livestream events across more than 30 countries. Business leaders and pioneering thinkers will engage in a weeklong forum discussing the most important innovations affecting business today, including augmented and virtual reality, vehicle technology, digital imaging, wearables, smart home, sensors and more.

“As business leaders, innovation needs to be a cultural mindset practiced through all levels of an organization,” says YPO Innovation Week Chair Keith Alper, Founder and CEO of Geniecast. “YPO Innovation Week focuses on making innovative ideas actionable by creating a 360-degree environment for members to learn from each other, from pioneering global innovators and the world’s most innovative companies.”

Highlights include:

  • Real Estate Roundtable Latin America — Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; 6-8 May 2018
    The Real Estate Roundtable will explore what is driving success in real estate across the Dominican Republic and the Latin American region overall, including opportunities in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. In addition, the event will focus on the newest trends in digital marketing and how services, products, processes and operations are being reimagined through the digital lens for real estate initiatives.
  • Angels and Unicorns — Sydney, Australia; 7 May 2018
    Australia’s signature event for Innovation Week will offer deep insights into the worlds of innovation and technology, exploring the best ways to invest in the unicorns of tomorrow. Angels and Unicorns will include panel discussions with the country’s most promising startups and most successful venture capitalists.
  • Silicon Valley Summit — Palo Alto, California, USA; 7-9 May 2018
    For two immersive days, the Silicon Valley Summit will delve into transformative technologies like cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and autonomous transportation in the very hub of modern invention, featuring unprecedented access to advanced research and cutting-edge development fueling the most ambitious and innovative projects in the world.
  • Global FinTech Summit — London, England; 8-9 May 2018
    The Global FinTech Summit will focus on the latest disruptions and opportunities across the fintech landscape – including blockchain, bitcoin and robo-advice to online payments, crowdfunding, P2P lending and private equity. The event will also feature keynote addresses on Brexit and its impact on fintech.
  • Africa Ignite 2018: Innovation and Disruption — Nairobi, Kenya; 8-10 May 2018
    Africa Ignite will explore how leaders are navigating the opportunities and challenges of Africa and how Africa’s boundless spirit of innovation is improving lives both inside and outside the continent.
  • InnovNation: Israel Innovation Experience 2018 — Tel Aviv, Israel; 8-10 May 2018
    Recognized as a leading global player in the fields of innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship, Israel boasts the highest concentrations of startups in the world. InnovNation will focus on advancements unique to Israel in areas such as software, security, cybersecurity, mobility, food, social, humanitarian, green energy, water, biotech, medical innovation and more.
  • World Technology Summit 2018: What’s the Future? — New York, New York, USA; 8-10 May 2018
    The World Technology Summit will feature amazing advancements being made in some of New York City’s most promising tech incubators as well as opportunities to meet developers creating the next generation of disruptive innovation in health care, finance, education, marketing and social good.
  • Auto Tech Summit — Palo Alto, California, USA; 9-11 May 2018
    This inaugural event will explore the latest innovations and disruptive technologies in the automobile industry, offering insights on how the transformation of the industry will unfold and how best to adopt and embrace these developments.

YPO Innovation Week offers YPO business leaders with learning and networking opportunities to infuse innovation into their companies, form strategic partnerships, and positively affect their businesses and the communities in which they work. YPO leaders will be able to leverage new partnerships in innovation, fortify innovation into the heart of their company culture, and convert ideas into actionable plans. YPO Innovation Week has become a global stage where next-generation innovations are welcomed, and the latest trends in innovation are adopted.

For more information, visit the YPO Innovation Week website.



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Angela Mers is the global PR and Media Manager at YPO and has worked for the organization since 2007. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in journalism and political science.