Introducing Zoom as YPO’s Newest Affiliate Partner

Zoom, YPO’s newest affiliate partner, has announced a variety of new features and enhancements from machine learning-based recording transcripts to allowing 49 video feeds to your screen at once and more.

Imagine creating accurate, searchable speech-to-text transcripts of Zoom meetings and webinar recordings, and how helpful that could be in legal, content creation, and training-use cases? How about for anyone who misses a meeting? It will be fascinating to see how accurate this feature truly is, with reviews by users sure to come soon, while Zoom’s machine learning tech gets ever smarter and more accurate as time goes by.

Another new feature is the 7×7 View, which now allows users to see up to 49 video feeds on their desktop screen at once, as well as Zoom Rooms. Zoom notes that with the purchase of just one Zoom Rooms account, a customer can outfit their entire organization with scheduling displays.

Zoom says it has unmoored its Scheduling Display product, so that these tablet schedulers (app runs on an iPad that sits outside the room to show upcoming meetings and allow for room reservations) can work for both Zoom Rooms and any other collaboration space.

The company says these enhancements streamline administrator and user experiences and increase productivity as part of its ongoing effort to create frictionless experiences for buying, deploying, using and managing enterprise video communications.

“You don’t even have to watch meeting recordings, you can just search the recording transcript,” says Zoom Founder and Chief Executive Eric Yuan. And on top of all that, we’ve created this incredible value of allowing our customers to outfit their entire organization with scheduling displays at an exceptionally low cost. We knew it would make our customers happy, so we did it. All in all, we’re making the technology easier, so people can focus on the work at hand.”

As YPO’s newest Affiliate Partner, Zoom offers valuable expertise to help YPO members embrace new technologies and drive innovation. Zoom is a key technology, innovation and growth advisors for YPO member companies, helping to manage their enterprise meeting solutions with one consistent experience, unifying cloud video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging in one platform.

Zoom currently supports more than one million companies with the technology to provide video conferencing for up to 500 video participants and 10,000 viewers. The company ranked 18th on the Forbes Cloud 100 list and as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions in 2017.

Members, learn more about how to leverage Zoom services!

Angela Mers is the global PR and Media Manager at YPO and has worked for the organization since 2007. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in journalism and political science.