6 Unforgettable Global YPO Events in 2018

With more than 5,000 local, regional and global events offered each year, YPO hosts exceptional educational, experiential and cultural immersion opportunities made possible only in YPO. Here are photos and stories from just six of the global YPO events that happened in 2018.

January 2018: YPO Innovation Week at CES

Nearly 100 members from six YPO Networks helped launch the third-annual YPO Innovation Week at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January. The one-day event featured conversations with experts and fellow members on emerging technologies and transformative breakthroughs for businesses. Read six business insights from CES 2018.

Members will return to CES for the 2019 YPO Innovation Week pre-launch on 7 January, hosted by YPO members Keith Alper and Rajeev Kapur along with the Automotive, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Retail, Sports and Entertainment Industry and Technology YPO networks. Members, attend the YPO event at CES.

March 2018: Global Leadership Conference

The 2018 YPO Global Leadership Conference (GLC) happened in March in Singapore with the theme “Journey to Authentic Leadership.” The annual gathering of YPO officers from around the globe was an opportunity for unparalleled peer-to-peer learning through interactive workshops and networking opportunities.

“What does it mean to be authentic? Authenticity means being true to ourselves. It means being the best version of ourselves, being aware and present. This mindset makes us emotionally and intellectually more interesting to others,” said Shai Misan, GLC Officer Education Chair.

The 2019 GLC happens in Cape Town, South Africa, in March 2019.

Read about the final day of the 2018 GLC.

March 2018: YPO EDGE

In March, YPO hosted more than 2,800 business leaders from more than 130 countries at the 2018 YPO EDGE, its flagship event in Singapore. YPO business leaders gathered with world-renowned thought leaders and innovators to address key issues in business, politics, science, philanthropy and humanities.

Speakers included Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore; Orit Gadiesh, Chairman, Bain and Company; Victor Fung, Ph.D., Chairman, Fung Group; Honorary Chairman, Li and Fung LTD; Rahul Gandhi, MP, President of the Indian National Congress; and Billie Jean King, Founder of Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative and former World No.1 tennis player. Read a recap of the final day at the 2018 YPO EDGE.

Find out who is speaking at the 2019 YPO EDGE, which takes place  in March 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.

May 2018: YPO Innovation Week

In May, the third-annual YPO Innovation Week opened with an unforgettable day ringing the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and continued with signature innovation events all across the globe from Sydney, Australia to London, England; Tel Aviv, Israel to New York, New York, USA; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Palo Alto, California, USA and Nairobi, Kenya.

The 2019 YPO Innovation Week happens 12-18 May with events planned in Lisbon, Portugal; Santiago, Chile; Waterloo, Canada; Pennsylvania, USA; and more.

May 2018: Russia Presidents’ University

YPO Russia Presidents’ University brought together 300 attendees from 27 countries and 100+ chapters for one week of cultural immersion, global networking, innovative learning and exclusive gatherings in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Only-In-YPO style.

In October 2019, YPO will host Buenos Aires Presidents’ University — an exploration of the city’s past, present and future through culture, politics and civilization from colonial times to the present. Members will have a unique opportunity to gain a behind-the-scenes and in-depth look at the intoxicating culture and geo-politics of Buenos Aires.

Members, learn more about Buenos Aires Presidents’ University.

September 2018: Global Networking Summit

YPO’s Global Networking Summit took place in September in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, bringing together 300 members from around the world to generate new ideas and make meaningful connections for their businesses. Featured keynote speakers included Joanna Peña-Bickley, Starbucks’ Richard Tait and more, and a panel discussion focused on opportunities and market disruption of the cannabis industry with YPO members Cynthia Cleveland, Todd Kaplan, Courtney Dorne and Smoke Wallin.

Watch a discussion about leadership, impact and YPO between 2018-2019 YPO Chairman Pascal Gerken and 2016-2017 YPO Chairman McKeel Hagerty that was recorded live at the Global Networking Summit.

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