Year In Review: Top 10 Stories of 2018

With a network that includes 27,000 chief executives around the world, what stories interested our readers the most? Here are YPO’s top 10 stories of 2018.

1. Young Influencers: 4 YPO Members Named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40

In their annual ranking, Fortune magazine highlights disruptors, innovators, rebels and artists under 40. Its 2018 list of the most influential young people in business includes four YPO members: Founder and CEO Stitch Fix – Katrina Lake; CEO Rosewood Hotel Group – Sonia Cheng; Cofounder and CEO Sunrun – Lynn Jurich; and Cofounder and Co-CEO ThirdLove – Heidi Zak. Read it

2. 3 Reasons Great People Leave and 3 Tips to Avoid It

Finding truly gifted, driven individuals to join your team can be a real challenge. For many businesses, keeping these individuals with a company can be just as demanding. Gain some firsthand insights behind why great people leave good businesses and some simple things you can do to avoid this from happening. Read it

3. Leveraging Amazon for Business Growth

If you’re looking to expand your online business by going where your customers are, Amazon.com is the most obvious choice. YPO members share how they harnessed Amazon’s strengths to help their businesses grow. Read it

4. Three YPO Members Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

YPO members Stephan Goss, Cofounder of Zeeto, Luke Schoenfelder, CEO and co-founder of Latch, and Daniel Sillman, CEO of RELEVENT Sports were honored by Forbes magazine in 2018 among 600 game-changers across 20 industries, all under the age of 30. Read it

5. The Power of Storytelling

A true leader motivates and inspires. For the third year, YPO LAB (Leaders Across Borders) speakers captivated participants of the organization’s Global Leadership Conference with their inspiring stories of life-changing moments. Read it

6. Business Leaders Share Insights From CES 2018

In January, more than 180,000 entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers and techies gathered at CES® in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, to discover the latest gadgets, technological advances and next-generation innovations from major manufacturers and startups. Six YPO members who attended CES share their top insights. Read it

7. Corporate Culture Comes In 5s

Corporate culture is not created by a list of words, explains Brian Hayduk, Partner and the CEO of 5 . The key to successful implementation of your stated corporate values is to start with the “why.” Read it

8. From Russia With Trust

Entrepreneur and investment banker Alexey Goryachev has spent more than 25 years spotting and capitalizing on business opportunities from his base in Moscow, Russia. He shares his thoughts on the state of the market and the opportunities for entrepreneurs in his home country. Read it

9. How To Strengthen Your Conversational Intelligence

Conversational intelligence is a neuroscience-based approach to more successful interaction that all of us can achieve. It also helps leaders lead more effectively. Read it

10. 40 Essential Leadership Lessons From John Chambers

In October 2018, business legend John Chambers sat down with YPO CEO Scott Mordell to talk about his 20-year experience as CEO of Cisco and his new book “Connecting the Dots.” Here are 40 pearls of wisdom from John to help you succeed. Read it

Mary Sigmond is a content strategist, an award-winning storyteller and editor in chief of YPO's Ignite digital magazine. She has the pleasure of telling the engaging stories of some of the most influential young business leaders who are making an impact across the globe.