Strengthen Your Workplace – Creating Harmony Leads to Business Success

Leaders who create harmony in the workplace, develop a culture that fosters growth and find ways to have teams work better together experience greater success in their organization. Real Leaders, the preferred partner publication of YPO, recently published a series of articles focused on how leaders can strengthen their workplaces. From communicating the big-picture vision to ensuring organizational values are present in the day-to-day details, leaders must be deliberate about their behaviors to ensure that they support the company culture.

Getting Beyond Us Versus Them in the Workplace

Communities all over the globe are becoming more polarized, leading to an increase in an “us versus them” mindset. People are no longer merely disagreeing with each other; they are even disavowing each other’s right to an opposing opinion. And this mindset is reaching some workplaces. This added workplace tension causes not only generalized stress, but an increased reticence to talk about controversial issues, even when they impact work.

It’s important to find ways to bridge the divide so we can create greater harmony and cooperation in our workplaces. Check out these five ideas to help you address increasing interpersonal skills in your workplace. Read more.

4 Key Elements to Transform Your Company Culture

Whatever role you play in your company — CEO, senior leader, middle manager or frontline worker — you have the power to evolve your company’s culture. Your corporate culture isn’t immovable! Help your organization let go of patterns that stall growth and progress and stand in the way of achieving key objectives. The key is selective, targeted alignment rather than an effort to radically repeal and replace. Delve into four ideas that can lead to organizational transformation. Read more.

Thinkers and Doers Must Work Together – or We’ll All Fail Spectacularly

In organizations, there often are people who can be seen as thinkers and others as doers.

Two examples of thinkers versus doers include marketing versus sales and engineering versus production. Marketing creates programs to sell; sales goes face to face with customers. Engineering designs production systems; production makes it. Both groups are critical to the company. But these two pairs often are unable to work together, leading to the failure of new ideas getting off the ground. Learn three ways to bring the thinkers and doers in your organization together. Read more.

How to Lead Like a Champion

World-renowned fashion photographer, Nigel Barker, shot a series of iconic portraits of 16 world-class athletes to help raise money and awareness for nonprofit Laureus Sport for Good USA. Barker’s “Spirit of Champions Collection” captures the joy, beauty and power of sport as embodied by these athletes. What can leaders learn from their endurance and strength of mind? Read more.

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