3 CEOs Tell You How to Innovate Your Business

In anticipation of the upcoming YPO Innovation Week in May, three YPO members share some actionable insights for innovating in your organization.

From Miguel Calatayud, CEO at Qualitas-Health, comes Innovative Problem Solving — a look at how his company has leveraged existing resources in new ways to resolve problems.

  1. Instead of inventing the wheel, Calatayud built over technology that had been in place for decades.
  2. Combining what was already in place, with R&D and biotech technology, Calatayud has been able to solve global problems on a large scale.
  3. When you leverage innovation to do good, you will also do well.

In his video, President of Trunomi, Stuart Lacey, takes a look at three Different Types of Innovation to help you consider which you should focus on.

  1. Creative destruction is when an industry is targeted with the aim of making their offerings obsolete. Do you want to break something?
  2. Iterative innovation is a way of improving on a product or service that already exists. This is the most common form of innovation, the least “disruptive.”
  3. Outright innovation, or revolution rather than evolution, means completely rethinking something.
  4. In the end, Lacey hypothesizes the benefits of enabling, over disrupting.

In Emerging Strategies in Property Development, David Cohen, Managing Director at Signatura, discusses how he uses incremental innovation.

  1. Use a mix of virtual and augmented reality to ensure you and your clients are on the same page.
  2. Use a problem as a catalyst for innovation.
  3. Implement compelling marketing and communication plans to highlight the things that are important to you.

Connect with the world’s most dynamic innovators, disruptors and leaders at YPO Innovation Week, 12-18 May, for the chance to challenge conventional thinking and gain actionable insight.

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