Building Positive Relationships is Better for Business

In a world where cars drive themselves, data is accessible from anywhere via the cloud and teams rely on Slack to communicate because talking just takes too long, it’s evident that the pace of business has accelerated. This trend may continue unabated, and while the new reality belies a world that’s fundamentally digital and transactional, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Despite surface-level evidence to the contrary, business is actually regressing to its most basic form — the relationship. In our changing consumer landscape, it’s not enough to produce an outstanding product or service any longer.

In this selection of articles we focus on relationship building with partners, customers and employees as they are the only constant and a key area of investment when it comes to fueling growth in the new relationship economy.

How to Lead in the New Relationship Economy

Even in the digital age of high tech and low touch, customers still seek genuine caring and personal attention. In fact, the disruptive force happening today in business is relationship building. Here’s how to attain meaningful, lasting relationships.

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4 Business Strategies to Win at Customer Relations

Some of the most accomplished founder-CEO leaders are redefining the concept of customer excellence for the future. These leaders all have winning approaches to strategic customer relations — which show that customer success is about far more than just the customer.

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Sustainable Harvest Brews Relationship Coffee

Coffee is a global product with billions of cups being drunk daily around the world. While most people appreciate their coffee as a secondary focus to reading their morning news online, David Griswold, CEO and Founder of Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, decided there were too many unnecessary middlemen involved in getting that cup of coffee to your table – many with a vested interest in keeping the supply chain opaque as a way of maximizing their profits.

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4 Authentic Leadership Traits that Build Trust

How do we describe authentic leadership, and how does it lend itself to building trust with your peers and your staff? Authenticity has many facets, but primarily, it comes down to being genuine. If a leader is genuine, people know what to expect, and the opportunity to build trust begins. Trust is built through daily and consistent action. The leader’s integrity becomes predictable.

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