Year In Review: Top 10 Stories of 2019

In a global community of more than 28,000 chief executives driven by a belief that the world needs better leaders, what stories interested readers the most? Here are Ignite’s top 10 stories of 2019.

Ola Brown featured in YPO's top 10 stories of 2019

Dr. Ola Brown Is Breaking the Narrative of African Women

Health care entrepreneur Dr. Ola Brown is dedicated to bringing trauma care to the most remote parts of Western Africa with her air ambulance service Flying Doctors Nigeria. Read it


top 10 stories of 2019


Bridging Worlds: Why Audette Exel Is A Global Leader for Tomorrow

A leader in the “for purpose” business movement, Audette Exel’s commitment to the most vulnerable communities challenges business leaders to extend their reach and mission beyond turning a profit. Read it

top 10 stories of 2019

Succession Planning: 6 Steps to Transition Your Business Without Panic

If you are a business owner stuck between the excitement of sunny winters in paradise and complete dread over the issues your retirement will have on your company, you are not alone. Read it

Leader Journey

Leadership Journey: What If They Don’t Like You?

Leading people who might not like you is tough, but you can learn to let go of what you can’t control and give your team the guidance, vision and growth opportunities they need. Read it

5 Inspiring Business Leaders Win Top YPO Sustainability Awards

YPO recognizes business leaders creating a positive impact in their communities and companies with the 2018 Social Enterprise Network Sustainability Award. Read It

Empowering African Women Through Business

Inspiring entrepreneur, philanthropist and YPO member Patricia Nzolantima’s mission is to empower African women through business. Read it

Paul Polman

Social Impact, Capitalism and Life After Unilever: A Conversation with Paul Polman

Paul Polman, Former CEO of Unilever, urges business leaders to step up and tackle global issues like growing inequality, climate change and cyber security. Read it

93% Of CEOs Believe Business Should Create Positive Impact Beyond Profit

More than 2,200 CEOs responded to the YPO 2019 Global Leadership Survey, which forecasts a massive cultural shift about the role of business leadership. Here’s what they said. Read it

16 Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback As A Leader

Leaders underestimate the importance of a feedback-rich culture in their organizations and their role in starting honest, constructive dialogue. Read it

top 10 stories of 2019

YPO Honors Extraordinary CEOs For Making Global Impact

In 2019, four inspirational CEOs were honored for using their business and leadership skills to make extraordinary, beneficial impacts in their communities around the world. Meet them. Read it

Mary Sigmond is a content strategist, an award-winning storyteller and editor in chief of YPO's Ignite digital magazine. She has the pleasure of telling the engaging stories of some of the most influential young business leaders who are making an impact across the globe.