Real Leadership in the Time of Coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 is not just a global health crisis. Its trade and global economic impact is growing and will be felt in the short term as well as the foreseeable future. All sectors of society have been affected by the outbreak — including the international business community and its leaders. Here are a few articles from Real Leaders about the crisis, its impact, how leaders are responding and some perspectives on the pandemic. Real Leaders is the preferred partner publication of YPO.

CEOs And Executives Are Leading from Home

Some say this crisis is merely good training for the next one. While we have no way of knowing what that next crisis might be, one thing is certain — the current coronavirus crisis has shifted the way we work and will have lasting repercussions. Real Leaders asked 66 CEOs and executives how they are leading from home and how they manage to inspire their teams from a distance.

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This is What Real Leaders Do While Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Shoe after shoe has seemingly dropped on top of us. And we are still here. Frazzled. Battered. Confused. But, breathing, surviving and living. Yet, the wait for what is ahead is characterized by a chronic state of unease that often includes a sense of fear. It forces us to ask questions as leaders about a future that exists only in our minds.

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Lessons from the Coronavirus: If You Don’t Tell the Truth, Technology Will

Ask 100 people if they believe in transparency. Every hand will go up. But practicing transparency is another matter. In this era of profound interdependency, we need to unlearn that instinct as business leaders, and we need to do it quickly.

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Sharing global coronavirus tips and perspective in business and leadership.

Coronavirus Tips: 5 Ways Your Business Can Respond to the Outbreak

As the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, the United Nations Global Compact is calling on business leaders everywhere to unite to support communities and companies affected by the outbreak. A coordinated international plan involving the business sector will be critical in efforts to support countries affected and limit further disruption. Here are five coronavirus tips and suggestions to help and raise awareness.

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