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With more than 50 business, personal and social impact networks, YPO empowers members around the world to grow stronger as people and leaders through peer learning, life-changing experiences and important relationships. For more information, contact YPO Networks.

YPO Networks by the Numbers
Brian Daly

“I thought it would be interesting to see if posting our interest in finding financial partners [on the Deal Network discussion board] might lead to a more intimate approach to the market. In the end we sold a majority of the company for a very good market price to a group we felt had the best interest of the company, and its future, in mind. I couldn’t be happier, and I would do it the same all over again.”

Brian Daly

Los Angeles
Member since 2013

Whatever Your Business, YPO’s Networks Offer You Confidential Peer Support

No matter your industry, interest or passion, there is a network within YPO for you. Connect in person and virtually with your peers at industry roundtables, seminars, workshops, global conference calls and other business-related experiences.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network

Accelerate the growth of your business, or start a new one with YPO’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network. Find high-impact content tailored just for you.» Read more

Family Business Owners

Family Business Network

Keep your family business bustling with YPO’s Family Business Network. Create a board of directors, plan for succession, host a family meeting and more.» Read more

Professional Managers

Business Network

For corporate CEOs and professional managers, YPO’s business networks will keep you up-to-date on the latest in finance, M&A, tech trends and more.» Read more

YPO Offers Regional Networking Opportunities

Members in YPO’s Africa region discuss how YPO’s customized networking opportunities in more than 50 industries and topics have changed their businesses, their families and their lives.

Read About YPO’s Business, Social Impact and Personal Networking Opportunities

Get advice in real time from members in the know with YPO’s confidential community platforms. YPO has a network for every business need and personal passion.

Insider Business Opportunities

Insider access business opportunities

Whether you’re expanding your business into China, looking for tips on the latest global real estate trends or advice on mergers and acquisitions, YPO’s Business Networks have you covered.» Explore business networking

Social Impact Opportunities

Social Impact opportunities

From developing sustainable agricultural practices to helping inner-city youth achieve higher-education dreams, YPO’s Social Impact Networks dive deep into issues that matter most.» Explore social impact networking

Personal Passion Opportunities

Personal passion opportunities

Are you a runner or guitar aficionado? Up your game with YPO’s Personal Networks. Play alongside world-famous musicians or test your mettle by completing a marathon on all seven continents.» Explore personal networking

Family-Focused Opportunities

Personal passion opportunities

The Family network umbrella includes the Parenting and Spouse/Partner business networks. Join a Family network where YPO parents can share, learn and grow in their most important job and professional spouses/partners become next-level leaders.» Explore family networking

Scott Livingston

“Networks are my identity in YPO. You can discern my interests from my memberships. I’m a Family Business Network guy who participates in the Photography and Tri Sports networks. I get support for my business from the Manufacturing Excellence, Steel and Deal networks. That success leads to my interest in the Family Philanthropy and the Personal Investing networks. My love of nature is well suited for the Environment Network. I toast my network membership as a member of the Wine Network. Networks connect me with members all over the globe.”

Scott Livingston

President and CEO, Horst Engineering
Hartford, Connecticut
Member since 2003

Featured Network – Women’s Business Network video

Female chief executives within YPO employ more than 42,000 people, have a combined revenue of US$2.6 trillion and represent 25 industries in 68 countries.

» For more information contact the Women’s Business Network

YPO Networks FAQs

What are networks?

YPO Networks connect members virtually and in person with relevant peer resources for business, personal and social impact endeavors. They allow timely communications between members anywhere in the world via online confidential discussion boards. Networks accelerate engagement for new members when they join YPO by creating an immediate global network based on their business, personal or social-impact interests.

What is a network forum?

Forum is a confidential safe haven to connect with your peers around personal and business issues. Network forums have no geographic boundaries and are usually industry or topic specific, allowing you to get the support you need when you need it no matter where you are in the world.

How many female members do you have?

The Women’s YPO Network has more than 1,000 members. Most women in YPO are in multiple business, personal and social impact networks.

What tools are available for entrepreneurs?

YPO has an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network to provide peer support to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. High-impact content modules offer members support with talent acquisition, strategy and planning, purpose and passion and execution.

What is your focus on family business?

One-third of YPO’s members are heading up a family business. YPO’s Family Business Network provides specialized support for succession planning, family meeting planning, creating a board of directors and more.

Can you help me break into a new market?

YPO has country-specific networks to assist members with introductions, local customs and business etiquette so they can expand their businesses into more than 30 new markets around the globe, including China.

Can my spouse or partner join networks?

Spouse and partners can join personal and social impact networks and even take on leadership roles as a network chair or event champion.

Can I create my own online group for my area of interest?

If you have an interest not represented by networks, YPO provides the opportunity for members to start their own online groups to talk to others about any area of interest. A group can be created or disbanded at any time. YPO currently has more than 1,000 active groups.

How can I expand my social impact and philanthropic interests?

YPO social impact networks support member activities in the business, personal and community impact space. Through initiatives like Sustainability Leadership Conference and more, members expand their contributions in harmony by “doing well while doing good.”