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Africa Regional Chairs

Dhruv Pandit

Dhruv Pandit

Managing Director
Fedha Group
Nairobi, Kenya
Member since 2004

Anthony Swart

Anthony Swart

Group Managing Director
Point (Marketing Materials Procurement Partners)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Member since 2003

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Kim Faclier
“I don’t like YPO, I love YPO! To have the opportunity to connect, engage and meet like-minded people from around the world is really one of the most incredible experiences. It’s an absolutely unique organisation in terms of its offerings, and my family also has access to events and networking opportunities. The best advice I can give to new members is say yes to everything and get involved.”

Kim Faclier

Managing Director of GoIndustry DoveBid
Member since 2012

Why Join YPO

Rob Sussman

Member since 2003

Why Join YPO

Salim Dewji

Member since 2006

Leading Leaders in YPO

Paul Berman

Member since 1998

Why I Joined YPO

Gil Oved

Member since 2010