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Middle East and North Africa Regional Chairs

Ahmad Zuberi

Ahmad Zuberi

Managing Director
Recorder Television Network
Karachi, Pakistan
Member since 2008

Ali Tabbara

Ali Tabbara

Managing Director
Saudi Medicare Company
Beirut, Lebanon
Member since 2003

Meet Our Members

amr khashoggi

“I joined YPO more than 20 years ago, and since then, I have held many different leadership positions in the Saudi chapter as well as regionally and internationally. In all those years, I was blessed to be surrounded, supported and guided by great champions. I was both an educator and a learner. I made many great friends, and I consider all members to be family. We have impacted each other’s lives in a wonderful way that has included our families and communities. As we plough ahead in the future, we continue with vigor and focus to spread knowledge, best practice, great business opportunities, healthier living and happier human co-existence.”

Amr Khashoggi

Chairman/CEO Amkest Group
Member since 1993

Ali Tabbara

“Never underestimate the value of a network. Through my YPO network, I have connected with fellow members that have become my closest friends and mentors. Attending YPO events regionally and globally have expanded my connections and added so much personal value to me and my family.”

Ali Tabbara

Partner and Managing Director at UTC International Riyadh
Member since 2003


A selection of YPO MENA members share the many benefits of joining YPO

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Shamsh Hadi

Member since 2016

Why Join YPO?

Imad El-Khalil

Member since 2000

Servant Leadership: The YPO Opportunity to Lead CEO Peers

Salim Dewji

Member Since 2006