YPO Regional Chapters





YPO Members Have Options and Choices for Chapter Membership

As a YPO member, you have the opportunity to design your own leadership journey, and choose the best way to connect to YPO’s global network of more than 29,000 chief executives worldwide. YPO has more than 450 chapters, connecting members on a local or regional level.

For YPO, a chapter is a group of at least 16 members with a defined leadership structure, who meet regularly through lifelong learning and idea exchange in a defined geographic area. All members have a primary chapter membership while some elect to belong to more than one local or regional chapter. Each chapter designs their own annual calendar of events, social and learning, to meet the needs of their members. 

You have the choice to belong to one, or more than one, local or regional chapter based on your personal and professional goals, and the time you have to commit to your leadership development. But, whether you choose a local or regional YPO chapter, you have access to powerful peer-to-peer networking, timely guidance from leaders like yourself and relationships you’ll always treasure.

In fact, joining both a regional chapter and local chapter allows you access to a wide array of resources that benefit you professionally and personally. Your local chapter gives you robust networking and idea exchange with influential leaders where you live. Regional chapters give you the same deep connections, but across a broader geographical area — so your network is broader, your circle wider and influence more far-reaching.

Both local and regional chapters multiply your resources, accelerate your career and enrich your life.

Unique Benefits of YPO Regional Chapters

YPO regional chapters regularly exchange knowledge, insights and experiences. Leaders from across the region share best practices and personal insights while nurturing new relationships. Members collaborate with exciting new networks of regional innovators, disruptors and influencers who are game changers in their fields.

There’s no better way to exchange ideas among peers of similar passions, but different places; of similar talents, but different towns. While local chapters immerse you to the leadership of your community, regional chapters deliver a new realm of opportunities.

Unique Benefits of YPO Local Chapters

YPO local chapters share a passion for their local business community and are deeply immersed in the local economy. Members benefit from deep local connections that bring their businesses to the next level. All while establishing relationships that enrich their passions, careers and lives.

Nobody knows the local business climate better, or the local economy more thoroughly, than YPO members in your own city. If your priority is networking beyond your local community, consider a regional chapter. But if you aspire to grow more right where you live, local chapters are tailored just for you.