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Improving Innovation Power In Your Business

By Real Leaders

In this day and age with accelerating technological development and convergence of industries, all forward-looking organizations must find ways to improve their innovation power. Real Leaders, the preferred partner publication of YPO, recently published a series of articles focused on ways successful businesses are tapping into their internal well-spring of innovation.

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Blockchain: It’s About Customers, Not Cryptocurrencies

By Guest Contributor


Two massive trends are forcing customer-centered rather than
product- or activity-centered behavior by organizations. The global capacity to connect and the aggregate power of global computation are fueling rising customer expectation in both for-profit companies, and public and non-profit institutions – from health care to education to government.


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YPO Innovation Week 2019 Finale Includes Future of Work and Collaborative Innovation


YPO Innovation Week 2019 concluded Friday with its continued deep dive into how innovation is transforming work and life. Imagine knowing about an illness before getting sick – and knowing what you can do to help prevent it from happening. Wonder why the gig economy…

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